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We provide algorithmic optimizations for your business


We offer business optimization with algorithmic methods, ranging from consulting services to technological systems.

Knowledge Extraction

Knowledge extraction and content search are the basis for modern business intelligence. We design and implement these systems as individual software.


An optimizer is a software that finds a mathematical solution for your planning challenges - fully automatically. We are specialized on constructing and implementing custom-made optimizers.


Our consultants have long-term experience in mathematical optimization, algorithm design, and software engineering.

Research & Teaching

We contribute to the optimization community, by conference participation and by teaching algorithmic topics on a regular basis at the University of Zurich.

Knowledge Extraction

Finding Relevant Information

Knowledge extraction is the creation of knowledge from structured (relational databases, XML, HL7) and unstructured (text, documents, images) sources.

The extract is brought into structured form and its elements are linked to define a graph representing the knowledge.

Modern search technologies allow the information to be found and presented in milliseconds.

Showcase - Laboratory and Patient Information System

Our customer, a Swiss hospital, holds decades of laboratory results and clinical reports. Although these documents are in electronic form, they could not easily be searched and accessed.

In our project, we extracted these documents into structured form and built electronic patient dossiers. This enables our customer to execute anonymized clinical research with unprecedented cohort sizes (thousands of patients rather than hundreds) and excelent quality of data.


Decision Support Systems

An optimizer is a system that takes your planning challenge as input and finds a solution for it - mathematically and fully automatically. We are specialized on constructing and implementing custom-made optimizers. Challenge us!

We provide expertise, services, and technology in mathematical business optimization and bring computation to business value.

Do you have a business case with a need for optimization?
Do you want to increase profit?
Do you have to decrease costs?
Do you seek to handle more business with the same resources and costs?

Example - Surgery Scheduling

The scheduling of surgeries in hospitals is a complex planning challenge. A many different resources need to be available at the same time: Surgeons with the right qualifications, nurses, an operating room, and the right equipment are only the simplest requirements.

A good planning can have a significant impact on the quality experience of the patient and the profitability of the hospital. The patient waits less for the treatment and the hospital can achieve higher throughput.

An optimizer is a perfect tool to achieve just that: It keeps track of availability of resources and patient needs. Then it comes up with a suggestion, satisfying the required conditions.


We are a small team with unique skills and experience.

Dr. Alexander Souza

CEO, Optimization Expert & Founder

Alexander is specialized on algorithms, combinatorial optimization, and programming in Java. He studied Computer Science and Mathematics at TU Munich and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Later on, he did his PhD at ETH Zurich and was researcher and assistant professor at the University of Freiburg and Humboldt University Berlin. Afterwards, he moved to the economic world, where he built optimizers and decision support systems for apixxo and Quintiq. His main projects are in the logistics domain, especially railway optimization. He teaches Algorithmics at the University of Zurich.

Stefan Hubeli

Business Development & Founder

Stefan covers business development and project management, especially in the finance and health-care domain. He studied Computer Science at University of Applied Science Nordwestschweiz and Economics at the University of Hagen. Successively, he was 13 years in the finance industry, where he became the Head of Trade Finance Sales and Syndications at Credit Suisse. In this career, he spent one year in China. In the meantime, he was Associate Lecturer at the University of Applied Science Aargau in the Department Technology and Economics. A few years ago, he started Iterata AG as Co-Founder and CEO, specializing on business development services in finance and health-care.

Dr. Hansjörg Lehner

Business Development & Founder

Hansjörg contributes long-term business competence and sales experience, especially in the health-care domain. He studied Mathematics and Economics at the University of Konstanz, where he also received his PhD. Later, he started Legon AG as CEO, a company specialized in information systems in the health-care domain. He was more than 30 years experience in software development projects and processes. In addition, he was Lecturer at the University of Applied Science Aargau in the Department Technology and Economics.

Dr. Jürgen Koehl

Partner, Optimization Expert

Jürgen Koehl holds a PhD in Mathematics from Bonn University and has more than 25 years experience in mathematical optimization. He was an IBM Distinguished Engineer at IBM R&D teams in Germany and the US and head of the CPLEX Sales Team for Europe. Jürgen was leading numerous industrial optimization solution developments in semi-conductor, container logistics, sales and operations planning, production and finance. He holds more than 50 patents and is author of more than 25 papers.


Lab Lab

Paula is the black lab of the lab. She is mainly responsible for cuteness and nibbling cookies. Of course, she also loves to swim.


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